Inaugural *TOM Emerging Menswear Design Winner Joao Paulo Guedes Debuts First Womenswear Line For SS18



Brazilian-Canadian designer Joao Paulo Guedes is the inaugural winner of the Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (*TOM) Emerging Menswear Designer Award. Established in 2014 this award win set JP on course to pursue his passion for creating the well tailored clothing collections he is known for today. What makes Joao Paulo’s designs recognizable are his street-style inspired graphic prints and bold colour palettes. His work has been featured in publications globally, such as: Vogue Italia, GQ Brazil, Elle Canada Man and many more. Now for SS18 Joao Paulo Guedes is debuting his first womenswear line and Media Allure got an inside look at the vibrant collection.

Media Allure: You’ve just launched your first womenswear line “Tropicalia!” What was the inspiration for this collection?

JP: My designs are known for featuring bold and graphic prints and sometimes bright colour contrasts, for this collection I was inspired by the idea of taking an even bolder departure into colour and print. The theme of this line is ‘brighter and wilder’ – just like the vibrancy of Brazil, my home country which inspires my work to some degree, all of the time.

Media Allure: Where do you source your unique fabrics and graphic print designs from?

JP: For ‘Tropicalia’ and all of my collections, the designs are very much inspired by art, art history, media, and images all around us, from historical churches and chapel stained glass windows, to streetwear and modern, concrete architectural designs. I create my own custom prints that are worked into clothing while also using exclusive textiles and fabrics sourced from around the world.

“This collection features some of my boldest prints that are inspired by the most wild elements of Brazil. What better way is there to show you such vivid colours, unique textiles, and bold print-on-print designs, like no other designer of our time?” – Joao Paulo Guedes   





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